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About Us

Who is spice kitchen?

Spice Kitchen is a platform through which racial and cultural connections can be intentionally and thoroughly uplifted. More than a food vendor, Spice aims to celebrate the beauty in Black people through sharing the gem that is West African street food. We believe that building community requires connection, and what better way to connect than over food!

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First-generation Nigerian-American founder and owner Olumide Shokubi is dedicated to being a building block in the reformation, education, and empowerment of Black people everywhere. By remediating the opportunities created by the Diaspora, Spice hopes to bring an awareness to everyone that interacts with our platform: employees, suppliers, and customers alike. We vow to provide authentically inspired recipes made from fresh ingredients for a meal that leaves you with more than a full stomach.


We implore all of our patrons to engage with resources and services that are rooted in community education, outreach, and accessibility. We hope to be such a resource, to lay a tangible hand on those who need it. By supporting Spice Kitchen, you contribute to creating a state of prosperity and equity for everyone everywhere. “

about the spices

One of the main spices used in our dishes are called Suya. Suya or tsire is a spicy meat skewer which is a popular food item in West Africa. Suya is generally made with skewered beef, ram, or chicken. The thinly sliced meat is marinated in various spices which include peanut cake, salt, vegetable oil and other flavorings, and then barbecued. Suya is served with extra helpings of dried pepper mixed with spices and sliced onions. 


There is no standard recipe for the production of the complex mixture of spices and additives which make up the Suya marinade (called Yaji) and the spice mix served with it. Ingredients may vary according to personal and regional preferences.

Although Suya originated in the Northern parts of Nigeria, it has permeated the Nigerian society, being affordable for all and available everywhere. It has been called a unifying factor in Nigeria. Suya has become a Nigerian national dish with different regions claiming the superiority of their recipe and methods of preparation, but similar grilled meat recipes are common in many West African countries. One of the most popular dishes include chicken suya with jollof rice and plantains.

Image by Pratiksha Mohanty
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